Laughter Wins
Announcing the new children’s illustrated book by Misty Barron, Laughter Wins, available on Amazon

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NEW: Misty Barron’s Laughter Wins children’s book now available at Amazon and Kindle!

Bullying has many devastating effects on children’s mental health, and these effects impact them throughout their lives if left untreated. If you are a parent, a teacher, or a friend and you witnessed the occurrence of bullying to a child that you love and care about, Laughter Wins book is guaranteed to improve your child’s mood and fill the place up with laughter.


Laughter Wins is a fun, illustrative, and easy to read short book on laughter therapy that tells the story of Joe, a boy who was feeling down because he was bullied but managed to remain positive and confident once again after practicing laughter exercise. Laughter exercise is guaranteed to be beneficial for your child’s well-being, as it was proven to:


  • Enhance emotional intelligence
  • Balance moods
  • Boost confidence
  • Improve communication skills
  • Decrease stress level


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Laugh with me!

Laugh With Me!

a book for all laughter lovers


Laughing at others is not nice but laughing with others is a lot of fun. Laughter is the sound of childhood. “Laugh With Me” is the anthem of the inner child.


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Misty Barron is a certified Laughter Yoga Leader. She has advanced degrees in Psychology and School Psychology. She is the co-owner of a national computer technology business and travels extensively. Married with five children and one grandchild, Misty and her husband split their time between West Texas and Oklahoma City. Misty enjoys helping people to access the Joy that lives within them and to find the benefits that comes from having an intentional laughter exercise practice.