It’s impossible to stay relevant and not speak about the event that is currently impacting people’s worlds across the planet. Though I might wish to shut my eyes tight and pretend away the awareness of an illness running through society; a pandemic that has grabbed the attention of even the least aware, I cannot hold my focus long enough to wish Covid19 away. Still, I dream of the day people return to greeting each other with a friendly handshake. The world has taken a serious tone. Those who do not fear death, fear someone else’s death, and the rest fear the state of the economy to come. It’s been a great catalyst to start conversations about the hard topics. People are arguing and sharing fear, but they are also sharing hope and making a choice to value health. There’s also a great deal of awakened ones looking for light. Brilliantly, there has been an uptick in access to laughter, with many masters and students meeting up in the virtual world to stream their light-heartedness for all. It is my main desire of this event that we humans learn to lighten up. It is my hope that we face our fears and laugh them squarely into place.

I gotta tell you how Spirit works. Such cool stuff!

So I have this person who actively displays ugliness towards me, and I ask God;

I say, “Hey God, I don’t know why this person is all up in my grill, but help me see something good about so and so.”

I just use a first name, because well, it’s the first name that matters, and God knows- right?

Next thing I know – every single freaking person I meet has the same name!

Seriously, I am meeting someone with that name every place I go, and as I sit right here, there are two of them!

But the thing is… I like these people in front of me, and the ones I keep meeting. As far as my recent experience goes, the people with this name are hilarious and fun and friendly and nice as could be.

I promise, the minute I ask, expecting there will be a change in the way I’m able to see things, God just SHOWS OFF!

Seriously, who knew “——” would be the name of so many awesome, fabulous people that I would grow to love and appreciate?!!!

It’s like that other one simply doesn’t exist in my world. God gave me a brand new appreciation, and all I had to do was ask for it.  20/20 vision – clarity.