I gotta tell you how Spirit works. Such cool stuff!

So I have this person who actively displays ugliness towards me, and I ask God;

I say, “Hey God, I don’t know why this person is all up in my grill, but help me see something good about so and so.”

I just use a first name, because well, it’s the first name that matters, and God knows- right?

Next thing I know – every single freaking person I meet has the same name!

Seriously, I am meeting someone with that name every place I go, and as I sit right here, there are two of them!

But the thing is… I like these people in front of me, and the ones I keep meeting. As far as my recent experience goes, the people with this name are hilarious and fun and friendly and nice as could be.

I promise, the minute I ask, expecting there will be a change in the way I’m able to see things, God just SHOWS OFF!

Seriously, who knew “——” would be the name of so many awesome, fabulous people that I would grow to love and appreciate?!!!

It’s like that other one simply doesn’t exist in my world. God gave me a brand new appreciation, and all I had to do was ask for it.  20/20 vision – clarity.