u like buffet

by Misty Barron

I remember the day well. Sand hill was in my rear view mirror. It was nigh on lunch time. A buffet was on my mind. “U Like Buffet!“ the sign screamed. No, really, this sign shrieked its command, a grammatical nightmare in neon lights, “U Like Buffet!”.

I was at a crossroads looking down the streets of dust. I yelped, but a whisper returned nada. It was literally all the food to be found in this one-eyed town. I hate buffets. But traveling is my life and food keeps me living. 

I saunter over. An Asian man in his late forties greets me at the door. I stop to admire the waving cat statue. In broken English he notes my curiosity. Dryly, he offers, “U like cat U like buffet.” Naivety is my best friend but not today. I clearly got the remark. It was a cat house. 

Nothing to eat there but a whole lotta lives to save! Support your local rescue program. There are cats that need your love. 

#AdoptDon’tShop #AprilFoolsDay #gypsylife 

#rescue photo by Mariamichelle on Pixabay
Misty Barron is a children’s book author, retired LSSP, a grandmother and founder of LaughterExercise.com 
She is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and a whole-hearted advocate for intentional playful laughter. 

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